The Book

Chug—a timid young bug who doesn’t know what type of bug he is—boldly embarks on a self-discovering adventure to school for the very first time.  He meets an array of charismatic new friends, from tickling ladybugs and speedy grasshoppers, to singing dragonflies and booming beetles.  They travel to wondrous locations, each more lush and awe-inspiring than the last. But, trouble comes in unknown places.  The newfound friends work together using their unique characteristics and abilities to overcome familiar childhood situations and challenges. At the end of the book, the six friends form a special bond, and Chug comes to the realization that he is a caterpillar.

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The eBooks & 3D Interactive Storybook Apps

Kid’s Play Books, LLC has teamed up with Mobad Media to create the Chug the Bug 3D Interactive Storybook App for iTunes!